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   We have allowed two parties to argue for our votes under the false pretense that we as common people are divided.  That is drastically far from the truth.  Most of us in the middle know that we are on more of a common ground than the media gives us credit for.  They play partisan games to push agendas for votes for their parties.  Of course we "common folk" know that there is still a bias amongst different races.  We still have a long ways to go to make it better.  We also know that there is a double standard more often than not with government officials and people of wealth.  Division is part of their struggle for power.  We people of every color that grew up eating from sporks only eat from silver spoons when we splurge to take our family to a decent restaurant.  More often than not, we worry if that dinner will keep us from making the next light bill.  As a family man that has had his lights turned off, I know that in order to get this country to be as strong as it can be, we must unite even more at the ground level and understand that we are all created equal.  Everyone must have a fair shake.  We must all be able to openly discuss it in a non-partisan way.  We must not allow Washington DC politicians to create hate amongst us people that fight for the scraps while they sit back and laugh at us.  As President, We The People will unite like never before.


As a father of a son that struggled in a public school, I have seen first hand the ups and downs of our school system.  Not all kids are the same.  My son CJ was a very gifted student with an over 160 IQ.  He often was mistaken for a kid of mischief and considered a bad student.  After having him tested and understanding that he was on the high end of the spectrum, we quickly were able to make accommodations to help him be successful.  He is now an accomplished musician and a business owner at 22 years old.  Our school system has always been a cookie cutter system.  The truth is there are many kids that fit the standard system.  However, the majority of kids that are seen as "the trouble makers" are often overlooked.  Albert Einstein and many others like him were not great students.  Our school system must be able to recognize this early with students and maximize the opportunity for those students.  In turn, it will also allow the standard learner to not have as many interruptions.  
As a gun owner and a true Texan, I appreciate the peace of mind to know that I have guns for protection.  Being able to stock my freezer every year as a hunter and being able to donate food to locals that are less fortunate than me, I feel that the rights to our guns is absolutely something that we cannot give up.  However, as a common sense gun owner, I also believe it is our duty as gun owners to keep our guns secure and safe from those that are looking to do bad or wrong with guns.  More often than not, the guns that are used in street violence or mass shootings are guns that ended up in the hands of criminals or unstable minded people.  Many of these situations could have been avoided had they not had such easy access to these weapons.  My administration will work with gun safe companies and gun stores to offer large rebates and incentives to help gun owners afford to be able to safely secure their guns.  A simple compromise can go along ways towards those that oppose the 2nd amendment.  Even more than that it, it can eventually save lives.

As a small business owner that understands the meaning of "just getting by,"  I have also found that in the last 12 years it is nearly impossible to be able to afford private health insurance.  After trying to pay out of pocket for a few doctor visits for my family, it became important for me to understand the Affordable Care Act.  Much research brought to conclusion that it was definitely more affordable than the private companies.  During my studies, I found that the big pharma companies now have no reason to reduce the standard prices of their products.  Why would big pharma, who is in bed with many of DC's politicians, feel obligated to lower drug prices when the tax payers now foot the bill?  We must have oversite committees that not only follow the big dollars that big pharma charges but also the senseless spending that is done in DC.  None of us common people can spend unlimited amounts of money and expect to not pay it off.  We cannot kick the can down the road.  We must put a stop to it.  When we do, private companies will once again be able to compete for our business in the healthcare market.


As a kid, my dad was quick to get on to us when we littered or did anything that was damaging to the environment.  It was a simple gesture of keeping our surroundings clean.  So often we see trash in ditches and waterways when fishing or boating.  It is sad to know that so many people was not raised like me and my siblings or how I raised my kids.  The harm that is caused due to simple pollution that breaks down into the soil or water is something that we all should be aware of.  As a former home builder I was one of the first 4 star builders in Austin,TX in the mid 2000's.  I was able to have an understanding of what it took to build homes that were capable of being more efficient than the standard homes.  More than that, I also was fortunate enough to see the true numbers that it took to build green homes and how much money many builders and investors were charging based on perception.  The fact is the price to live a greener life and help the environment is much less than most push.  Our administration will help lead the way in removing these false narratives that it is more expensive to live green.  I believe that all good people want to do their part.  We don't have to break the bank to do it.


Through sports, we will create a drive to create unity like no other.  Most athletes know that when you walk on the field, race usually goes away and the uniform becomes our skin color.  We will build unity packs across all sports programs from youth to pros.  I will sit down with the biggest names in the business and with one major goal, create unity amongst not just the players but the fans.  I believe our former Presidents have missed great opportunities by reaching out to the people our youth looks up to the most, our athletes.  We must understand each other in all walks of life.  We have to hear each other out and be open to what can make us all walk the street side by side and be proud to fly the American flag together. 

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