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Coaching our youth to love our neighbor on and off the field.

Coaching our youth to love our neighbor on and off the field.

Coach James Bills believes he is blessed to say he grew up in the depths of two Americas. The first America is a very diverse area of Houston, where he attended Aldine Eisenhower High School. The second America is a very rural area, Iola, almost 2 hours north of Houston. Although they’re only 2 hours apart (just a hop, skip, and a jump away from each other in the big state of Texas), the demographics are far from equal. These two drastically different environments helped him to see that all people are created equal. Because of that, Coach has always led his life in the way that his Granddaddy did - Love thy neighbor because we are all created equal.

Coach James Bills was involved in youth sports that included football, baseball, basketball and track. From a young age, he appreciated the importance of those sports in his life. From physical fitness to fellowship, obedience to leadership and teamwork, from victory to defeat, James received mentorship from his many coaches. Although some were tough, his coaches had a tremendous role in shaping him into the mentor that he, himself, would one day become. Coach's guiding light and his faith were sports.

Coach spends every day with the drive to make others better, not just by teaching his love for sports, but also teaching them to love one another.


Those strong traits come from not just his coaches, but the support he has always had from his parents, grandparents and the tight bond he has with his brothers. Coach’s brother, Wes, has always been in his corner. His other brother, Jimmy, is someone Coach has always been proud of as well. He enlisted in the Marines after 9/11 and served time in Iraq. Jimmy followed a long line of enlisted family members. His love for others has definitely had an impact on his marriage of 24 years to his wife, Misty, and his multi-talented children, CJ and Chelsea. Coach feels it is important for children, as well as adults, to know that there is always someone there for them.

Coach has witnessed hundreds of kids advance to college through his sports program. He feels there is no greater reward than seeing the talented athletes he has coached walk across a stage at graduation and become successful in the business world, unless it is to become successful in a trade. 

Coach James Bills’ life experience is what drives him to be the next President of the United States in 2024. Coach wants to see this country succeed - united, on an equal playing field.

"For 25 years I have tried to make an impact on so many lives for the best, that I have found that what makes us all succeed as Americans is to help others succeed." -Coach James Bills

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